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“JB Auto’s goal is to satisfy customers with quality work and fast turnaround time at a reasonable price.” Dr. Joseph G. Yang, President

We are glad you have come to visit us on the Internet. We are looking forward to helping you with your auto mechanic and body repair needs. We provide quality automotive service to people in the greater metro areas of Minnesota. JB Auto has built a great reputation by providing reliable and honest auto service and body repair to our customers at a fair price. We provide a written estimate to each customer before repair work begins. Whether this is your first time to our shop or not, we will help you in the same way. Please contact us at 651-793-2366 or stop by in person, we will help you.

JB Auto Service and Body Repair, Inc is proudly to serve our customers in the greater Twin Cities areas. We have eight technicians who are fully trained in both auto mechanics and body repair. Our facility is one of the cleanest in the Eastside of St. Paul. With more than 5,000 SF building, we are ready to repair your auto needs.

Meet our team. We have  a combination of more than 25 years of experience.

Dr. Joseph G. Yang, President
Mr. Chang (LP) Yang, Body repair technician
Mr. Sou Yang, Body repair technician
Mr. Lue (Kermit) Yang, Mechanic technician
Mr. Jim Yang, Mechanic technician
Mr. Cheng Yang, Mechanic technician
Mr. Zatong Yang, Mechanic technician
Mr. Neng Yang, Mechanic technician

JB Auto Service and Body Repair, Inc.
881 Newcomb Street
St. Paul, MN 55106

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8:00AM  to  5:00PM. Other time is available upon request.

DIRECTION to our shop

Phone: 651-793-2366
Fax: 651-793-2367

Examining car not starting.

Working on ball joint and axle.

Electrical problems on cars are tough, but I will trace and repair it.

Rusty rotor and brake pad changes, no problem. I will take care of them for you.

Wheel problem! No problem. It can be repaired in a few minutes.

Your car got into an accident. No problem. Bring in your car for a FREE estimate. We repair all make and model.  We will work with your insurance to reduce any paper work for you.

Look at this awesome paint booth. Your painted car will come out with perfect paint job. Come and check it out. FREE tour anytime.

Beautiful and strong rack ready to pull any vehicle in any size and any accident condition.

Installing tail light for a finished paint job.

Alright!!! We got the signal light to work again.

We repair all body work. Patches, rusts, holes, accident, and on so. Bring in your vehicles for a FREE estimate. You are not obligated to repair.

Ops... Blown motor. No problem, new motor is on ordered. We install both motor and transmission. Automatic or stick shift, NO PROBLEM, we can handle them all.

Check out this nice and clean paint booth. Your finished car will come out shiny...

Some adjustment are needed before painting. This car is almost ready to go.. ye!

Your car has rust... no problem. We use the best material to repair it.

Broken windshield? We will repair it with a used or new windshield. Your choice. Bring in your vihicle. Most JOBS are done in the same day.

We have a great team. Working as a team to resolve any mechanical problem is the best strategy.

Car accident... nice rack ready to pull this vehicle.

Rusty and holes... they will be sand down, cleaned and patched. No one will notice the patch hole when we are done.

Ensure that the wires are in good condition before installing the tail light. ALL lights are tested before given the car back to the owners is our model.

Taking old door apart and ready to install to the new door. Reused parts will save you money.